Women’s Health

Specialized psychiatric services for women in various reproductive stages

Most women experience hormonal changes throughout their reproductive years that can cause emotional distress. If you feel like you are suffering from psychiatric or mood conditions associated with your cycle, ranging from debilitating premenstrual symptoms (PMDD) and postpartum anxiety, to mood disorders and emotional swings during menopause, Meridian Psychiatric Partners, LLC clinicians are here to help.

Women with psychiatric illness who want to become pregnant, particularly individuals treated with psychotropic medications, face unique challenges. Our specialists in perinatal psychiatry are experts in guiding you throughout the process. During your consultation, we’ll discuss the risks that come with psychiatric illness before, during and after pregnancy — for both you and your children. An in-depth assessment is made and options for treatment are part of the consultation.

Postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety are real psychiatric illnesses. Women experiencing symptoms are evaluated and treated by clinicians with expertise in this area. Treatment with medications and nonpharmacologic methods may be established during your consultation. Referrals to other clinicians within our practice, or in the community, may also be recommended.

Mothers with postpartum psychiatric illness who have been prescribed medications must take their medication to effectively treat their symptoms. But women who want to breastfeed often feel they have to choose between breastfeeding and taking medications that could be harmful to their child. Our professionals in perinatal psychiatry will help you evaluate the evidence available, understand the risks, and make a decision that best meets the needs of you and your family.

Many women experience premenstrual depression and anxiety. Symptoms may be emotional and/or physical and are sometimes debilitating. Consulting with our clinicians who have deep experience in this area will help you determine a pharmacologic or nonpharmacologic treatment to help alleviate your symptoms.