One-on-one, couple or group counseling sessions for all your concerns

Individual Psychotherapy

Adult or adolescent therapy begins with a patient diagnostic session to gather information regarding your specific issues, understand your goals and inform you about the therapeutic process and treatment guidelines. Individual Psychotherapy consists of one-on-one sessions with one of our therapists for 50–60 minutes, with ongoing appointments set to achieve the best results. We believe in a shared and collaborative decision-making approach. Meridian Psychiatric Partners therapists are master- and doctoral-level trained practitioners who may integrate different therapeutic approaches within your clinical treatment. Cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, psychodynamic, family-systems, mindfulness, and acceptance psychotherapy best practices may be used.

Couples and Family Psychotherapy

Couples and/or family members meet with a Meridian Psychiatric Partners therapist to learn how certain behaviors and interpersonal patterns can affect you as an individual and the couple or family as a whole. An initial diagnostic session is used to gather information and define goals. Ongoing meetings generally last 50–60 minutes and are determined based on the nature of the issue and the progress being made. In addition to couples/families meeting together, a therapist may want to meet each person individually. A combination of individual psychotherapy and couple/family psychotherapy may be used to ensure the best outcome for everyone. Keep in mind that any individual sessions are still focused on the couple or family as a whole. Regardless of who is attending any session, a shared, collaborative decision-making approach is used.