LGBQTI+ Mental Health

LGBTQI+ Mental Health

Psychological and psychiatric services specifically tailored to the LGBTQI+ community

Meridian Psychiatric Partners offers psychological and psychiatric services specifically tailored to the LGBTQI+ community, including diagnostic assessments, medication evaluations, and individual, group, couples, or family therapy. Our seasoned clinicians can work with individuals at all stages of development, from child to emerging adult to older adult.

Because members of our LGBTQI+ community face complex issues, often without the equal support of the larger community, it is vital that the providers to whom you entrust your care be thoughtful and well-educated allies who are aware of the issues unique to LGBTQI individuals. Meridian clinicians are specialists who care about, encourage, and support the diversity of expressions of gender and sexuality across the entire spectrum. Many of us are ourselves LGBTQI+-identified. As a practice, we believe authenticity is critical to overall wellness and that a strong therapeutic relationship with one’s therapist and/or psychiatrist is a path toward that goal. We are also uniquely positioned to offer close collaboration among therapists and psychiatrists, providing our clients with the gold standard of mental health care.

While our program is tailored to the needs of the LGBTQI+ community, our staff work with a wide range of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, bipolar, psychotic and personality disorders, trauma, grief, substance abuse, as well as health, relationship, family development (adoption, surrogacy), and career issues. Our team is also well-connected within the Chicago LGBTQI+ community and can facilitate referrals to a wide range of resources.