Comprehensive assessment of your mental state for a more personalized treatment

Psychiatric Evaluation

Understanding your current condition is the first step towards a healthy approach to helping you. A Psychiatrist (physician) or an Advanced Practice Nurse (nurse practitioner) will conduct an in-depth assessment to gather detailed information about your current symptoms. Our goal here is to understand how these symptoms interfere with your ability to function effectively in your personal, professional or academic life. We also want to determine whether other medical conditions may be contributing to the presenting symptoms. It is important that we learn about current and past medications you may have tried or other treatments you may be receiving for non-psychiatric illnesses. And, because psychiatric illness tends to run in families, a detailed family history will always be a part of our initial evaluation.

Psychological Evaluation

Determining the right approach to a healthier you starts with an in-depth assessment of your current condition. A Psychologist or Psychotherapist will gather detailed information about your current symptoms and how these particular symptoms interfere with your interpersonal relationships with family, friends and colleagues. We want to learn about your developmental history and your experiences in childhood, adolescence and adulthood.