Common Questions

You can call our intake line at 312-640-7743 or request information by clicking the button at the bottom of our website. Our staff will call you as soon as possible to briefly discuss your needs and history in order to schedule you with a provider that best suits your needs.
You and your provider will discuss the best treatment plan and appointment frequency after your initial evaluation. Be assured that while there is a good deal of variation in treatment plans and visit frequency, our interest is in providing you with the best care in order to achieve your goals.
Of course there is no one answer to this question and it depends on many factors, but most people find at least weekly psychotherapy is most helpful for making progress more quickly, Your provider will discuss this with you.
Either psychotherapy or medication treatment can be provided by itself if that is indicated and sufficient for the clinical problem we are addressing with you. However, many research studies indicate that for many clinical problems, therapy and medication treatments work best simultaneously. Your provider will be happy to discuss these issues with you.
Definitely! You will get a form to sign allowing us to call or text you with appointment reminders.
Many Meridian providers certainly treat ADHD, and stimulants are often an important component of treatment. Please be advised that we take our responsibility in prescribing stimulants, which are controlled substances, very seriously. After a thorough in-person evaluation, and possibly referral for neuropsychological testing, we will discuss the potential use of stimulants with you.
Yes, Meridian Psychiatric Partners, LLC is a preferred provider in the Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO network. We also participate in the Blue Choice insurance network, which is a plan available on "The Exchange". We also accept Northwestern Student Insurance (a special Aetna plan), and School of the Art Institute Insurance (a special Cigna plan). Your copays and outstanding balance after insurance has been processed will be due at the time of each visit.
If you have insurance for any of the plans that Meridian participates in, we will electronically bill your insurance for you.
Fees for your services will be due in full at the time of your visit. Upon request, Meridian will provide you with a detailed invoice so that you may send it to your insurance company for reimbursement directly to you, at rates your insurance company approves.
Frequency of medication follow up appointments vary by clinical problem, its severity and the medications being used. Generally speaking, your provider will see you more frequently when they are first getting to know you, and when medications are initiated or changed. Your provider will be very happy to discuss this with, guided by medical necessity and safety.
Meridian asks that you give 48 business hours notice for a missed intake or first appointment, and 24 business hours for followup appointments. Without advance notice, you will be assessed a fee. Please keep in mind that we reserve your appointment time for only you, so that we have ample time to give you great care, and you will never spend hours in the waiting room waiting for your provider. Assessing fees for "no shows" helps us be able to provide you with the best dedicated care possible.