Compelling reasons why you and/or your partner need therapy

Compelling reasons why you and/or your partner need therapy

Being in a relationship means you no longer have full control of all your decisions. Whether it’s choosing a movie for date night or accepting a job offer in a different city, it’s often necessary to involve your partner in the decision-making process.

Getting therapy is one of those things you have to decide with your partner, especially when you’re facing one or several issues that can affect your relationship in the long run. Here are some compelling reasons why you and/or your significant other should consider therapy.

You come from different backgrounds

It’s not unusual for couples from different backgrounds to struggle to keep their relationship free of conflicts. For instance, a person who sacrificed his or her religious affiliation for the sake of the relationship may feel resentful when disagreements arise. In this and similar scenarios, it’s just a matter of time before clashing worldviews complicate or ruin the relationship.

Getting counseling from a therapist can help couples work through issues that result from differing backgrounds, beliefs, or upbringing.

You have communication issues

Miscommunication and misunderstandings lead to arguments or fights, which are harmful to all sorts of relationships. A mental health professional or therapist can help one or both couples explore the reasons for their communication issues and the problems that result from them.

Poor communication dooms all kinds of relationships. Getting counsel helps you deal with current and future relationships not just with your significant other, but also with your loved ones.

You’re dealing with a partner’s infidelity

We’ve previously debunked the myth that infidelity and financial disagreements are the only reasons to get therapy, as there are in fact numerous relationship issues that warrant getting therapy. That doesn’t mean that if those issues do come up, you shouldn’t consider therapy.

Infidelity ends many relationships, but some couples are able to mend theirs. It’s certainly possible to bring back the trust of the person who’s been cheated on, but it’s often necessary to do it with the help of a therapist who can mediate.

You’re considering getting married

Couples who are considering getting married may undertake important major decisions like buying a house or moving to a different state. They may encounter obstacles when they do, but one way they can avoid harming the relationship is to talk to a therapist who can guide them in their decision-making and avoid the common pitfalls, like disagreeing over small things that can derail an otherwise fruitful decision.

Keeping a healthy relationship means accepting compromises, respectfully resolving conflicts, and considering therapy when necessary. Getting therapy doesn’t just provide temporary solutions to current situations, but builds a stronger foundation for a couple’s future. If you believe you and your partner can benefit from couple's therapy, get in touch with the professionals at Meridian Psychiatric Partners’ Chicago, Evanston, or Lake Forest offices today.